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Chrush-Tastic 101 
Clueless has me in stitches .So upon re-watching this classic with my gal-pals I realized what a  love guru the blonde bombshell is , so according to the one and only here are Cher’s top secret girl moves to attract your boy.
If at a party make sure he see’s you , but don’t say hi first,look like you’re having fun and really popular 
Talk to someone in his eye line / preferably a guy 
Make him come to you 
Find an excuse to leave while his talking to you 
The key is always have him wanting more. 
But truth is we all don’t live in a Hollywood movie and next to nothing most of the time we end up in tears. Crushes /puppy love / heartbreak / tears /  we all go through them especially in our high-school years. We consult various magazines and online quizzes trying to conclude whether “he likes me back or not?”
Some think crushing on the opposite sex is falling for someone before the “feeling” becomes love. It is pretty much a bundle of nerves , butterflies , shaking hands and a pounding heart. They make us do silly things -such as cough cough to name a few stalking so and so’s Facebook profile , finding about past relationships , drooling etc (admit it we’ve all done this , I am cringing awkwardly- but I’m guilty as charged)
Crushing on others,others crushing on you, wanting to be crushed on  , crushed that you crush has a crush. Well the cycle of evil emotions and raging hormones must go on. We all have broken hearts,we may even break a few. But for the lucky few who are have gone from crush to relationship, congratulations and may I come to the wedding ?
And for the rest of us head up high,your price is coming,he may be lost for the moment but he’ll figure it out and buy a G.P.S 
P.s- Feel free to inbox Reef or me here  about your crush moments
Lots of love
- Liang x ( who needs a crush when you have me ! ) 


*watches Clueless for fashion tips*

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